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Shalom Corps’ mission is to empower a global Jewish volunteer network involved in meaningful and significant volunteerism that engages participants in Jewish service-learning experiences. We believe that authentic, needs-driven service can have a transformative impact on vulnerable populations around the world, and on young Jews looking to make a difference. Shalom Corps Ltd. is a non-profit organization established by Mosaic United (a collaborative program of the Government of Israel and the Ministry of the Diaspora) and the Jewish Agency for Israel. We’re very excited to have our Local Community Impact Initiative underway. This new model involves 25 local projects, and has allowed volunteers around the world to take part in meaningful service despite the challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Join our movement, move with us!

Betar Italy

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Le’Oro Nelech Israel

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Hashomer Hatzair France

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Cadena Florida

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Data Statistics

690 million people

still go hungry worldwide

600,000 volunteers

active in UN frameworks

1.8 million deaths

due to Covid-18

2020 marks the start of the SDG Decade of Action

by 2030, the aim is to full-fill all 17 goals

4 million

new cases of Covid-19

10 different locations

at the moment

9 new organizations

for our Local Impact Initiative Program

83 proposals from

30 different countries

7 field-embassies with

3,500 trainees meant to correctly educate the world about Israel and anti-semitism

825,000 hours of learning to

1,000 children living in slums and remote villages in Maharashtra, India

1,184,755 people with

13,213 water filters

8,000 people

and saved 180 lives

15,000 people

140 countries

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Article on Shalom Corps and “Zionism’s new global mission”

Shalom Corps, an umbrella for meaningful Global Jewish Volunteering, helps you create a  Global Jewish Network contact us As published by Times of Israel, By ISAAC HERZOG and OMER YANKELEVITCH Zionism’s new global mission A young Shalom Corps volunteer from Mexico embodies today’s paradigm shift: Jews can now look beyond survival and invest energy in elevating the entire […]

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Request for Proposals: Three New Projects

Shalom Corps is accepting proposals for three new projects: Heritage Community Impact Initiative Shalom Spot – Web-based Platform for Managing Communities Implementation of Volunteer Projects in the Field  Heritage Community Impact Initiative connects young Jews to their heritage, to themselves and one another, while strengthening their Jewish identity through meaningful and responsible volunteering by joint […]

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Shalom Corps Event: Welcoming Gabriela

Shalom Corps prides itself on its mission to connect Jews from all over the world through a global Jewish volunteer movement. Shalom Corps is committed to meaningful action and social involvement across communities around the world through universal Jewish values. Through volunteer projects across borders, volunteers can participate in “Tikun Olam,” the fixing of the […]

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We are accepting proposals for three new projects!

  1. Heritage Community Impact Initiative
  2. Shalom Spot – Web-based Platform for Managing Communities
  3. Implementation of Volunteer Projects in the Field

    Both the Shalom Spot  & Implementation of Volunteer Projects in field Deadlines have been extended until June 13!