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Helpers 1st Place

This life-saving app will finally get a chance to scale the globe

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Adopt a Safta 2nd

Why should this elderly support program remain only-in-Israel?

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Hejalutz Lamerjav, 3

This Virtual After-school program will now help more than just at-risk teens in LATAM

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Our competition received

83 proposals from

30 different countries

Israel-is has opened

7 field-embassies with

3,500 trainees meant to correctly educate the world about Israel and anti-semitism.

In 2018, the Gabriel Project put in

825,000 hours of learning to

1,000 children living in slums and remote villages in Maharashtra, India

CADENA has benefited

1,184,755 people with

13,213 water filters

Our provider, Helpers has trained

8,000 people and saved

180 lives

The number of our volunteers

15,000 people

140 countries

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Volunteering as an expression of Judaism

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Goodness Goes Global

Our mission is to promote a scaled global Jewish volunteer movement by supporting responsible and significant volunteerism grounded in Jewish values and engaging participants in meaningful Jewish learning experiences.

Promote Social Responsibility

Aviva Steinberger, VP of Global Service at Shalom Corps speaking at ILTV studio about the Israeli organization Shalom Corps that is creating a global Jewish volunteer movement to promote social responsibility and activism.

Glimmer of Hope

Welcome to Shalom Corps, a global volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the core Jewish value of mutual responsibility by supplying volunteer organizations around the world with funding, resources, educational tools and volunteer recruitment support.

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