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Organization Stories Series – The Family Store

It was such a pleasure to be able to witness all different types of people from vibrant and impactful organizations around the world come together and not only learn together, but connect their communities through the course beyond their borders. This week we have a video submitted by our Activist Journalist from, The Family Store, […]

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Organization Stories Series – Leoro Nelech

Our Activist Journalist Lןiron Amakias attended the course representing Leoro Nelech. Leoro Nelech is an educational center for volunteering that works to strengthen the values of mutual responsibility in Israeli society and promote the Jewish and Zionist spirit of giving as a way of life. Amakias said that participating in the course was very useful […]

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Organization Stories Series – UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

This week Shalom Corps introduces UJA Federation of Greater Toronto’s Activist Journalist Esther Oziel. She currently oversees the leadership and volunteer programs targeted for high school students and young professionals and has been in this role for the past year and a half. In addition to this role she also serves as social media manager […]

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Organization Stories Series- Activist Journalist Spotlight

Shalom Corps in partnership with NYU Bronfman had the pleasure of rewarding 39 professionals from 25 different organizations and 16 different countries their certificate of completion for their participation in the Activist Journalism Studies Course. This course is one of the first of its kind made for, tailored to and offered exclusively for volunteers and […]

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Organization Stories Series – Momentum

This week, our Organization Stories Series focuses on another one of our partner organizations participating in our Activist Journalism course with NYU Bronfman: Momentum Unlimited. Our Activist Journalist Alums, Ilene Rosen and Roni Ezra Friedman bring you an inside look into Momentum’s foundation and evolution. Momentum Unlimited is an organization focusing on empowering woman, creating […]

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Organization Stories Series – CultivAid

The Organization Stories Series brings to you this week, CultivAid. CultivAid is an Israeli non-profit organization that focuses on improving the agricultural aspect of vulnerable communities. Our Activist Journalists from CultivAid include, Tal Aboulafia, David Bernsthein and Tomer Malchi. Here is an exclusive look into one of CultivAid’s final projects, produced and made by Tal […]

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Organization Stories Series – NCSY

During our Shalom Corps Activist Journalism Course with NYU Bronfman, participants learned how to get the “what, where, when and how of a good item” taught to the class by Journalist Eve Fairbanks. This week Shalom Corps is proud to introduce NCSY’s Frayda Glucksman and her final course project about NCSY! During her video one […]

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Organization Stories Series – Maccabi St. Petersburg

Our Shalom Corps and NYU Activist Journalist Alumnus are back at it again, this time bringing to you Maccabi St. Petersburg’s, Vera Rybakova and Svetlana Shuvalova! With Vera and Svetlana’s new found video making skills and framing narrative techniques learned throughout our course, they successfully showcase Maccabi St. Petersburg from within. What makes Maccabi St. […]

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Organization Stories Series – JCC Chicago

Our Organization Stories Series continues with JCC Chicago‘s Natalie Kolling and Kim Preston. As part of our Activist Journalism course with NYU they had the opportunity to sharpen and gather skills to help them in their creation of professional content for their organization. In their own words they, “found this class so interesting. It was […]

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Organization Stories Series – BBYO

This month Shalom Corps and NYU Bronfman’s Institute for Impact and Intrapreneurship completed its first Activist Journalism course with participants from our wonderful partner organizations. Shalom Corps now has freshly skilled Activist Journalists within our partner organizations and we can’t wait to show off their new skills. How will we be showing off their skills? […]

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Federation of Atlanta Stories – Part I

Next, allow us to introduce you to one of our final partners in our local initiative – @JewishATL! • For more than a century, Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta has been one of the main philanthropic bodies of the Atlanta Jewish community. The Federation has evolved from being primarily a fundraising organization to the convener […]

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Betar Stories – Part I

For today, we’ll be introducing you all to a youth movement that has held strong since 1923 – @betaraustralia and Betar Italy! • The Betar Movement is one of the oldest remaining Zionist youth movements, started by Ze’ev Jabotinsky in Riga, Latvia, 1923. The Movement has firm beliefs in building an exemplary society in Israel […]

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The Family Store Stories – Part I

Next up, we have an organization doing other amazing good deeds in Canada – @tfsmtl • The Family Store is a Montreal-based subsidized grocery warehouse serving hundreds of families with nutritional and household products. A collaborative project of the Chai Center and Montreal Torah Center, The Family Store uses volunteers and public donations to help […]

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Chabad Guatemala Stories – Part I

Today, meet Chabad Guatemala. • Chabad affiliated organizations and institutions number in the thousands. Chabad is a Hasidic movement, a branch of Orthodox Judaism. The organizations and institutions associated with the movement provide social, educational, and religious services to Jews around the globe. This branch, Chabad Guatemala, is a nonprofit organization that exists in the […]

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Hillel Stories – Part I

We start-off this week by introducing you to Hillel International. Hillel is the largest Jewish campus organization in the world, working with thousands of college students globally. Hillel is represented at more than 550 colleges and communities throughout North America and globally, including 30 communities in the former Soviet Union, nine in Israel, and five […]

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Le’Oro Nelech Stories – Part I

Next up, we’re introducing another one of our Local Initiative partners – @nelech.leoro! Le’Oro Nelech is a volunteering center, working on instilling and strengthening values of mutual responsibility in Israeli Society. Operating in hundreds of state and state religious highschools, along with other educational systems, Le’Oro Nelech aims to spread the Jewish value of Hesed […]

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