Betar Stories – Part I

For today, we’ll be introducing you all to a youth movement that has held strong since 1923 – @betaraustralia and Betar Italy!
The Betar Movement is one of the oldest remaining Zionist youth movements, started by Ze’ev Jabotinsky in Riga, Latvia, 1923. The Movement has firm beliefs in building an exemplary society in Israel built on ideal of liberty, democracy, and liberalism, and works to increase Alliyah, strengthen the Jewish Identity within its members, and strengthen the belief in settling and constructing every single part of the land of Israel. Working in many different locations worldwide, whether it be Australia, Italy, Israel, or any other country with a Jewish voice wanting to be heard, Betar works to nurture and cultivate the values spread forth by its founder, Ze’ev Jabotinsky.
We are very excited to have this youth movement with us in our Local Initiative!