Join our Journalism and Advocacy Course

As part of our ongoing work, we are proud and happy to announce a new collaboration with NYU Bronfman’s on the Press Officers’ Certificate. We are certain this new endeavor will prove to be extremely fruitful, as it will help you – volunteering organizations – to spread your message and gain exposure, professionally and efficiently. We will be offring training sessions, executive education and other opportunities – all especially curated to your needs and delivered both off- and online
by world renowned experts.

The course will consist of 10 weekly online sessions of 90 minutes, starting February 24. We invite up to 2 participants from each partnering organization to apply. The volunteers will gain 30 academic hours, which include a submitted practical assignment, and a NYU Bronfman Certificate.

Topics covered include: (i) Introduction to journalism, (ii) The art of storytelling, (iii) Media ethics, (iv)  The journey of an item, (v) News and social change, (vi) The elements of video production and (vii) Innovation and entrepreneurship in reporting.

Application is open until January 29. Don’t miss out in this amazing opportunity!