Organization Stories Series – CultivAid

The Organization Stories Series brings to you this week, CultivAid. CultivAid is an Israeli non-profit organization that focuses on improving the agricultural aspect of vulnerable communities. Our Activist Journalists from CultivAid include, Tal Aboulafia, David Bernsthein and Tomer Malchi. Here is an exclusive look into one of CultivAid’s final projects, produced and made by Tal Aboulafia that we are showcasing this week. Elements  learned in the course to produce a body of work that really takes viewers in the fields alongside the CultivAid community are displayed in the video below.

Within the course digital framing is learned, how to use your camera angles to your advantage and how to use the means you have accessible  to you to, in order to create the best quality content.  The beautiful environment of CultivAid’s organization is really used to the advantage of the video, it shows the hands-on work that CultivAid does in the field and matches the audio to the visual content harmoniously. Tal can be heard in the narration of the video; her harmonization between the audio and video visual creates a video in which viewers are easily transported into the fields and into the classroom with her. She not only shows CultivAid’s humanitarian work but also gives viewers the privilege of getting to know the faces of their volunteers and community in Ethiopia through a diverse profile.  Shalom Corps is excited to see how you continue to grow both off and in the field.