Organization Stories Series – JCC Chicago

Our Organization Stories Series continues with JCC Chicago‘s Natalie Kolling and Kim Preston. As part of our Activist Journalism course with NYU they had the opportunity to sharpen and gather skills to help them in their creation of professional content for their organization. In their own words they, “found this class so interesting. It was a big silver lining from COVID that we participated virtually with people from several countries, listening to dynamic guest speakers each week.”

With different organizations and people from all over the world becoming Activist Journalists within one course, it opens up participants to very globally diverse perspectives and cultures. In addition, the wide range of speakers being, news correspondents, visual photographers, newspaper editors and so much more, the level of tools accessible creates endless possibilities. Natalie and Kim presented their final project in class and focused on JCC Camp Chi’s 100th birthday. According to them, “After not running [to] overnight camp last summer, the excitement to go back makes celebrating this summer even sweeter!” They concentrated on the perspective of their year-round staff and what camp means to them: family, home and a bright future. Their new take on camp shows how “their perspectives are not so different from campers and seasonal staff, as so many keep returning each summer to complete our circle – giving back and becoming great leaders.” – Kim and Natalie
We at Shalom Corps are looking forward to seeing more footage from camp and both Kim and Natalie’s future projects as Activist Journalists of JCC Chicago! Happy Birthday Camp Chi! You’re sure to have more campers this year! Stay tuned for more updates!