Organization Stories Series – Leoro Nelech

Our Activist Journalist Lןiron Amakias attended the course representing Leoro Nelech. Leoro Nelech is an educational center for volunteering that works to strengthen the values of mutual responsibility in Israeli society and promote the Jewish and Zionist spirit of giving as a way of life.

Amakias said that participating in the course was very useful yet challenging since he came without prior editing knowledge. Participants were exposed to a variety of information and tools throughout the sessions with some of those tools being theoretical. At the end of it all, ultimately digital success is all about  putting everything into practice after such a course’s completion. Shalom Corps checked in with Liron this month and here is what he shared with us.

As part of their joint Adopt-A-Safta project with Shalom Corps, every week about 2500 of their volunteers mentor the elderly – in their homes, in day care centers for the elderly, in nursing homes and in other frameworks designed for the elderly. As part of the volunteering, the volunteers keep them company, provide them with a listening ear, dialogue and meaningful connections. Volunteers are trained in advance, and assist the elderly with all kinds of needs that may arise, the motto of the project is “Every grandfather deserves a grandchild”
As part of the joint venture with Shalom Corps, they expanded the project and adapted it to fit the Corona Pandemic through the format of “Challah Shabbat,” every week volunteers visit nursing homes and bring those living there challah, cake or wine for Shabbat and offer them a lot of warmth which is especially needed these days. Check out Liron’s heartfelt video that follows the personal journey of several volunteers Esti and Elisheva who have formed a special bond with Haim. It follows their story from each of their personal perspectives and viewers gain a deep connection to how they feel as a result. What an impactful and meaningful share!