Organization Stories Series – Maccabi St. Petersburg

Our Shalom Corps and NYU Activist Journalist Alumnus are back at it again, this time bringing to you Maccabi St. Petersburg’s, Vera Rybakova and Svetlana Shuvalova! With Vera and Svetlana’s new found video making skills and framing narrative techniques learned throughout our course, they successfully showcase Maccabi St. Petersburg from within. What makes Maccabi St. Petersburg so unique?

It is Maccabi St. Petersburg’s take on clubs and activities, creating a connection to Jewish heritage, sports and Israel, that creates an interactive experience that combines both cultural and social activities into one. This new take on activities enriches sports education beyond athleticism turning it into a full community experience. These activities bring together all different age groups through common interests.

During our Activist Journalism Course we discussed how important it is the way you tell a story and how a personal experience is created for the viewer and/or the reader. Keeping this element in mind, Vera and Svetlana manage to create a sensory experience for those viewing their video through the embodiment of activities on site, from the yoga in nature to the swimming competitions to the Jewish community services in between. No matter who you are as a viewer, viewers can find themselves through the level of relatability that Vera and Svetlana create. Whether its in their  Maccabi activities or within the wide range of people being represented within their organization there is something for everyone watching. We look forward to the next event Maccabi St. Petersburg, save us a seat!