Organization Stories Series – NCSY

During our Shalom Corps Activist Journalism Course with NYU Bronfman, participants learned how to get the “what, where, when and how of a good item” taught to the class by Journalist Eve Fairbanks. This week Shalom Corps is proud to introduce NCSY’s Frayda Glucksman and her final course project about NCSY! During her video one can see how a thorough narrative is presented through how the NCSY story is showcased. Glucksman, displays a innovative breakdown of their journey as an organization from a volunteer’s perspective through elements of the what, where, when and how. Frayda cleverly uses story telling and these elements through seamless transitions between text, video and a testimonial that takes you on a journey from start to finish. This journey incorporates actual stages of boarding a flight symbolic of the journey you, as a volunteer, can take with NCSY. Viewers can easily envision the who, when, where, why and how of the volunteering world that encompasses NCSY because the journey is filmed in a way where viewers feel as though it is from their perspective. Through the narrative developed from what feels like the perspective of the person watching it, it creates the feeling that viewers are not only being called to action to participate, but that they are already part of the journey and community because of the inclusion.

Frayda breaks down the core items that NCSY cares about when trying to make the world a better place, whether it is in your community or between communities. Get ready Frayda and NCSY, because after this video, us at Shalom Corps as well as viewers from around the world are sure to get on that plane and come help you change the world for the better. See you on the flight!