Organization Stories Series – The Family Store

It was such a pleasure to be able to witness all different types of people from vibrant and impactful organizations around the world come together and not only learn together, but connect their communities through the course beyond their borders. This week we have a video submitted by our Activist Journalist from, The Family Store, Rabbi Getzy Markowitz. Through an inside look told from Marin Banoon’s personal perspective the video creates a level of connection with the Montréal community. Banoon is the The Family Store’s Young Leader and Patron Founder. The Family Store provides a dignified shopping experience to those in need and an opportunity for caring community individuals to offer support anonymously while providing engagement opportunities for the next generation. The telling of the roots of the Family Store gives audiences a better and stronger understanding of how far they have come as a community and as an organization. To quote, “the digital pantry uses some of the most advanced technology in the city for a charity… people would be shocked to see how much it has evolved within the last couple of years.” Check out their video and learn all about the great work The Family Store is doing and about some of its deep roots within the community! Thanks Rabbi Getzy Markowitz for the share, we look forward to seeing how you continue to connect and grow your community!