Organization Stories Series – UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

This week Shalom Corps introduces UJA Federation of Greater Toronto’s Activist Journalist Esther Oziel. She currently oversees the leadership and volunteer programs targeted for high school students and young professionals and has been in this role for the past year and a half. In addition to this role she also serves as social media manager for UJA Genesis. UJA Genesis serves as an all-inclusive space for engagement for the Jewish Community in the greater Toronto area. At the beginning of the course her biggest goal was to learn how to tell stories using her platform and to turn their social media followers into volunteers, transforming online engagement into offline engagement and participation in real life activities. Through the many sessions she and her peers were given many practical tools to bring these goals to life.

Throughout the course her and her fellow Activist Journalists were exposed to many techniques and tools which help connect them as an organization to their target audience. One of these techniques is based on a concept called the “iceberg model.” This concept is a mechanism that gives you the ability to shift perspective and focus on aspects that go beyond the forefront events that others take note of. Through this, Activists have the ability to discover behavior patterns and supporting structures of specific events which then allows them to understand what people actually care about and are interested in when creating content. Through the video that the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto creates, audiences can see the clever incorporation that goes beyond one narrative and event. The narrative unifies the perspectives and stories of the organization as a whole connecting themselves while enticing their audiences to join the journey. Great Work UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and our Activist Journalist Esther Oziel! We can’t wait to see more of the content you create and the events you take part in to help your community! Just like the title of your video below “Creating a Culture of Giving,” giving culture is exactly what we need more of and we are so ready to join the journey alongside you to get there.