Shalom Corps Event: Welcoming Gabriela

Shalom Corps prides itself on its mission to connect Jews from all over the world through a global Jewish volunteer movement. Shalom Corps is committed to meaningful action and social involvement across communities around the world through universal Jewish values. Through volunteer projects across borders, volunteers can participate in “Tikun Olam,” the fixing of the world. In the process of changing the world volunteers have the opportunity to connect to their Jewish Identity while participating in impactful social action alongside Jewish people from all walks of life.

As Israel’s 73rd Independence Day approaches it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how far we have come as both individuals and as a Jewish people. We are so proud to be able to work towards making the world a better place and helping to connect the Jewish community of both Jews from the Diaspora and Israel through global volunteer projects and missions. Last night we had the pleasure of hosting an event honoring just that, Gabriela Sztrigler, has been chosen to represent Shalom Corps in this year’s torch lighting ceremony. Gabriela is a volunteer from Mexico, who has already participated in numerous missions all over the world, the most recent being in Honduras, assisting victims of the earthquake they suffered last year. With the help of Shalom Corps and the Cadena Foundation, a search and rescue team, including Gabriela, was able to be sent. She represents not only the Shalom Corps mission but the connection between Israel and all Jews in the Diaspora.

Gabriela Sztigler volunteering in Honduras

At our event we were pleased to welcome Gabriela with the help of the Chairman of the Jewish Agency, Isaac Herzog and the Ministry of Diaspora Minister, Omer Yankelevich saying a few words. We were also joined virtually by our partners from around the world including, Cadena, in celebration of Gabriela and her torch lighting duties. The festivities were brought to life by musical performances by Mayumana and Singer Jackie Toledo. Through an unforgettable and unifying event, we salute, Gabriela, her colleagues, Israel and the Jewish community. May we all take this as an opportunity to remember that everyone has the power to change the world for the better, the first step starts with us recognizing that even the smallest actions matter and have an impact.

Isaac Hezog (far left, Chairman of Jewish Agency ) greeting Gabriela Sztrigler (middle) alongside Yuval Ekstein (far right)


Omer Yankelevich (left, Minister of Diaspora) and Yuval Ekstien (right, Shalom Corps CEO) with Gabriela Sztrigler (middle, Torch Representative)