Shalom Corps Welcomes Einat Nathan

Today, April 5, 2021 at 19:30 (Israel Time) we invite you to tune in via our Facebook Live  for a riveting talk with Einat Nathan. Einat Nathan is a parenting expert, bestselling author and skilled public speaker. She is certified by the Adler Institue and the Ministry of Education for Parental and Group Instruction and with her various insights and knowledge has been embraced into the world of media. Nathan shares her experiences and insights through various television appearances on numerous Israeli  talk shows and radio, including her hit podcast with Hila Korach and her popular column shared by both  major newspapers and online outlets.

As the Corona pandenic continues to reshape life as we know it, it has become crucial now more than ever to deal with the new challenges we  face. Children have been especially forced to redefine their world this past year more so than any other. Educational and social challenges have impacted children tremendously, with school being conducted online for the majority of the year and having to be isolated from their peers to name a few. This being the case, parents are  in need of new innovative and effective tools in which to help their children cope with this new found reality and the aftermaths of such a heavily affected pandemic year. Einat Nathan discusses what can be done in which to give  children the support and strength they need in order to handle these new challenges and the tools parents can use to make these transitions post pandemic easier for children long-term. Einat’s session is sure to not only give you some new perspective and insight on children during and coming out of the pandemic year but also practical tools that as parents can be used to comb through uncharged territory as you navigate your way in assisting your children through a happy and healthy life with the affects of the pandemic.