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CultivAID is an Israeli non-profit organization that focuses on improving the agricultural aspect of vulnerable communities, helping them grow economically and be more self-dependent in regard to food and water. Their holistic methods combines market based approaches along with development interventions, combining initiatives that are both under a agro-business and rural development model. Their work aims to create agricultural transformation, and to build human capacity for the technology to be sustainable.



CultivAID, an Israeli non-profit organization, focuses on the improvement of agriculture within vulnerable communities. They supply said communities with professional grade knowledge and resources, to facilitate the growth and transfer of such technology. They assist the local farmers in achieving higher yields, and creating improved agricultural practices, as well as better nutrition. CultivAID values the importance of food security and believe that in order to be successful, agricultural intervention must be intertwined with climate change, nutrition, youth employment, gender, education, market development and then implemented through a unified effort of multi-sector agents in which cooperatively can create a patterned shift that can effect the overall well-being of society across communities long-term. CultivAID in collaboration with Shalom Corps have chosen to additionally take part in the initiative, Adopt-A-Savta. This initiative pairs young adults with lonely elderly. Working off of the Big Brother/Big Sister model, young volunteers “adopt” a grandmother or grandfather that is in need of love and attention for weekly visitations. The goal is to train as many volunteers as possible and to connect these two communities; young adults seeking to make meaningful contributions with intergenerational contact. (SDG-10).

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