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OneDay is an Israeli non-profit organization revolutionizing the way people volunteer. They work to create volunteer channels without barriers for young people in order to expand the volunteer circle. OneDay views volunteering not only as something social, valued, and desirable but also as a meeting point for expanding one's social networks and for community building.


OneDay Israel

One Day was founded in January 1994 by a group of committed high school students. These students set out to create a project that would have a global impact, empower and give hope to young people. First designed as an educational tool to teach these students how to express their passions, the result was far more inspirational than expected and the OneDay Foundation was created. They value a civil society where there are numerous volunteer and social activism channels for everyone to choose from. Founded on the ideal that repairing the world is a value that leads to meaningful collaborative work, they find importance in connecting Israeli society and the Jews in the Diaspora across sectors. With a deep emphasis on community service work, OneDay, reviews the necessities of communities in the field and then adapts their volunteering activties to fit the real life needs of communities. OneDay in partnership with Shalom Corps are taking part in Adopt-A-Safta. This initiative pairs young adults with lonely elderly. It’s a Community of ‘Grandchildren’ Adopting Lonely ‘Grandparents’ across Israel. The goal is to train as many volunteers as possible and to connect these two communities; young adults seeking to make meaningful contributions with intergenerational contact, and the lonely elderly in need of warmth and connection while we still are blessed with the presence of this holy generation (SDG-10).

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