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About Betar

Betar create a fun atmosphere for their chanichim (participants) to engage with and learn about Zionism, Jewish culture, Betar’s ideology, personal growth and leadership. Betar encourages an open environment for chanichim to express and connect with their Judaism, catering to all streams at our camps and functions. Each individual’s growth is encouraged, growing their Jewish identity through various peulot (activities) we run around Jewish Holidays and during camps and seminars.


About Adopt-a-Savta

Adopt-A-Savta pairs young adults with lonely elderly. It’s a Community of ‘Grandchildren’ Adopting Lonely ‘Grandparents’ across Israel. Working off of the Big Brother/Big Sister model, young volunteers “adopt” a grandmother or grandfather that is in need of love and attention for weekly visitations. The goal is to train as many volunteers as possible and to connect these two communities; young adults seeking to make meaningful contributions with intergenerational contact, and the lonely elderly in need of warmth and connection while we still are blessed with the presence of this holy generation (SDG-10).

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