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Hillel is the largest Jewish campus organization in the world, working with thousands of college students globally. Hillel is represented at more than 550 colleges and communities throughout North America and globally, including 30 communities in the former Soviet Union, nine in Israel, and five in South America. The organization is named after Hillel the Elder, a Jewish sage who moved from Babylonia to Judea in the 1st century and is known for his formulation of the Golden Rule - Do onto others as you would do onto yourself. Hillel International’s mission is “enriching the lives of Jewish students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world” through its on-campus network. More than 800 colleges and universities are connected to a local Hillel community that serves as a faith community, Jewish educational resource, social network and a place to develop leadership and professional skills. Hillel uses what it calls a relationship-based model to engage students in need of a community.


About Virtual After-School

Virtual after school aims to increase the number of children completing primary and secondary education in vulnerable communities (SDG4), strengthening their resilience and increasing their chances of getting out of poverty (SDG1). Virtual After School proposes to train and connect volunteers with school-age children of remote and/or at risk communities using technology platforms to support them with homework and to provide emotional support. As part of the program, the volunteers will be engaged in virtual peer meetings to be trained and to share experiences and learnings, expecting to empower them and to constitute a virtual community of young Jewish people committed to influence and lead positive changes in their communities.

How to apply?

To be part of our project, you can write to us through Instagram @hillelbsas & @hillelcordoba or send us an email to infohillel@gmail.com.
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