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Hashomer Hatzair is the oldest surviving Zionist youth movement. It’s rested upon 3 major pillars, Zionism, socialism, and Judaism. Today Hashomer Hatzair operates internationally with over 7,000 members overseas from Israel, Canada, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, France, Italy, etc. Hashomer Hatzair in Italy has four kenim (sections, literally “nests”): The largest division in Italy is Rome, but they also operate in Milan, Florence, and Turin. Young people who have completed their studies each year spend a period of ten months “Shnat Hachshara” in Israel and then return to help the youth movement afterwards.


Hashomer Hatzair

Maintenance of abandoned cemeteries that have not been cared for in decades, mapping and listing of graves, setting up an online listing of the graves. This website will be used to help preserve the roots of the community and will include photos of the plots to make the information more accessible. A project led by the Austrian branch of Hashomer Hatzair, in Vienna, alongside the Austrian "We Remember" Association.