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Ten Yad has been working for the defense and guarantee of social rights for over 25 years, with people in a situation of social vulnerability, particularly hunger, in São Paulo, Brazil. The organization was founded in 1992 and it currently distributes more than 700 tons of food per year, through food security programs, social promotion and inclusion programs and two government partnerships, one with the State and the other with the City Hall of the Municipality. Thanks to the dedication and affection of volunteers, employees and maintainers, Ten Yad manages to make the lives of thousands of people more dignified and fair, providing not only nutritious meals, but a lot of human warmth.


About Helpers

Helpers aims to create an international social network of volunteers trained to help, by allowing any organization to develop its own volunteer community. Through an innovative model that combines advanced technology, based on geolocation, and an intelligent management and analysis system, with the network of trained volunteers, Helpers connects, in real time, people who need help with people who are able to provide it (SDG-9). Helpers’ volunteers involve young people and professionals who seek to make a social impact or/and who would like to join a volunteer movement where they can have an active participation and directly help others.

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