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Gabriel Project Mumbai promotes human rights and social justice through holistic community-based programs and interventions. They aim to develop more equitable society, and believe that poverty and injustice must be eradicated. The Gabriel Project Mumbai believes that marginalized and neglected populations and communities warrent better. They work to support and strengthen as well as develop more resilient communities both for the future and the present.


Gabriel Project Mumbai

Gabriel Project Mumbai (GPM) is an NGO that works with local communities in caring for vulnerable children in slums and under-served rural villages of Maharashtra, India, by providing a grassroots response to poverty, malnutrition, disease, illiteracy, hunger, and child labor in India. Founded in 2012, GPM uses a creative, compassionate, and carefully-crafted strategic approach of The Triad of Children’s Well-Being. By attending to three core issues simultaneously – education, health and nutrition – GPM creates the best environment to maximize the ability of vulnerable children to change the trajectory of their lives. Gabriel Project Mumbai in partnership with Shalom Corps is taking part in Helpers. Helpers aims to create an international social network of volunteers trained to help, by allowing any organization to develop its own volunteer community. Through an innovative model that combines advanced technology, based on geolocation, and an intelligent management and analysis system, with the network of trained volunteers, Helpers connects, in real time, people who need help with people who are able to provide it (SDG-9). Helpers’ volunteers involve young people and professionals who seek to make a social impact or/and who would like to join a volunteer movement where they can have an active participation and directly help others.

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