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Magen David is a community made up of Jews of Syrian origin from Mexico, whose mission is to guarantee the existence and well-being of the community and to strengthen their Jewish life. They are inspired by Jewish values, promoting the integral development of its working together and reaffirming a sense of identity and belonging.


Magen David Mexico

Within the community they have several institutions, each with different objectives. four of their projects include: Tikkun Olam; with the objective to make a connection between theory and practice, regarding what is the role of the Jewish people in the world. Weekly sessions are held, which include collaborations with volunteers (children with cancer, chain, etc.) and debate sessions to discuss related issues. Journey by MD an organization of young Jews, whose purpose is to allow the connection with their Judaism, in environments other than synagogues, conducting courses and retreats in remote areas, which allow young people to integrate, question and share. EMPOWERMNET a program aimed towards high school youth in which, through weekly meetings, Jewish teens are prepared to be leaders in the community, and gain knowledge. INSIGHT is a meeting place for young people, through which events and courses are organized to awaken their curiosity about their Judaism. Magen David Mexico in collaboration with Shalom Corps takes part in Adopt-A-Safta, They aim to fix the world from within and outside the community in a way that provides help and treatment of those in need. Their goal is to strengthen the values and education for community members while helping the families, employment and education for the elderly.