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Orthodox Union aims to build a strong connection to Jewish roots and to support the Jewish Orthodox community by enabling, encouraging, and advancing Torah education as well as social action projects, teen outreach and activties that promote community leadership.


Orthodox Union

Orthodox Union was established 40 years ago, OU Israel is the Orthodox Union’s branch in Israel, which was established in Yerushalayim as its own Israeli non-profit yet able to receive US charitable donations through OU America. Their mission is to promote the unity of the Jewish people. By celebrating our own shared common Jewish people by celebrating our shared common Jewish experience and identity. Inspired by Torah Judaism/Zionism, to positively impact ISraeli society, strengthen its next generation, absorb new immigrants and empower Israel’s periphery while advancing a pro-active commitment to community activism. The leader of the organization is Rabbi Avi Berman, he is the Executive Director of the company. The organization operates in places all over the US, Israel, and formerly in the Ukraine. Orthodox Union in partnership with Shalom Corps is taking part in Virtual After School. Vitrual After School aims to increase the number of children completing primary and secondary education in vulnerable communities (SDG4), strengthening their resilience and increasing their chances of getting out of poverty (SDG1). Virtual After School proposes to train and connect volunteers with school-age children of remote and/or at risk communities using technology platforms to support them with homework and to provide emotional support.

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