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Chabad Guatemala values Judaism from both a spiritual and physical perspective, from the distrabution of kosher food to those in need, to hosting Shabbat and Holiday services to festive meals. Chabad aims to connect Jews worldwide and empower them with knowledge and traditions that date back to 3,300 of years. They foster deep connections to Judaism through both rituals and faith.


Chabad Guatemala

Chabad affiliated organizations and institutions number in the thousands. Chabad is a Hasidic movement, a branch of Orthodox Judaism. The organizations and institutions associated with the movement provide social, educational, and religious services to Jews around the globe. This branch, Chabad Guatemala, is a nonprofit organization that exists in the country of Guatemala and continues the Chabad traditions, customs, and beliefs. Chabad Guatemala in partnership with Shalom Corps are taking part in the Virtual After School initative. This initative aims to increase the number of children completing primary and secondary education in vulnerable communities (SDG4), strengthening their resilience and increasing their chances of getting out of poverty (SDG1). Virtual After School proposes to train and connect volunteers with school-age children of remote and/or at risk communities using technology platforms to support them with homework and to provide emotional support. As part of the program, the volunteers will be engaged in virtual peer meetings to be trained and to share experiences and learnings, expecting to empower them and to constitute a virtual community of young Jewish people committed to influence and lead positive changes in their communities.

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