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The Mission

An association for the promotion of settlement, social involvement, higher education, cultural life and the enrichment of young people in Yeruham


Tzeirim Be'Yeruham

Tzeirim Be'Yeruham will be a settlement whose young population, as well as youngsters from other residential areas, chooses to live in for its diverse employment opportunities, quality of living, leisure culture and rich community life. In this regard, the association acts toward identifying employment needs and training personnel toward optimally integrating within the industry in and outside of Yeruham. They maintain working relations with all human resources and plant managers in the area and broker the connection between open positions and employment seekers. Tzeirim Be'Yerucham in partnership with Shalom Corps are taking part in Virtual After School. This initiative aims to increase the number of children completing primary and secondary education in vulnerable communities (SDG4), strengthening their resilience and increasing their chances of getting out of poverty (SDG1).

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