CultivAid Stories – Part I

CultivAid is an Israeli not for profit organization, specializing in capacity building and knowledge and technology transfer initiatives with a focus on the agricultural and water sectors.  CultivAid’s work seeks to address issues of malnutrition and food security through the development of local experts and institutional mechanisms for creating change. As we start a new year we are expanding our activities and establishing new sites in new locations.

In Amhara, Ethiopia, CultivAid is currently establishing an agricultural Training, Demonstration and Research with Debre Brehan University in North Shewa. The program is being supported by MASHAV, Israel’s agency for development, and Shalom Corps. The site will develop the required skills development and support regional development programs as well as support development with the Beta Israel communities of North Shewa.  As the year continues, we will be implementing additional programs throughout Amhara, Ethiopia including water treatment units and additional agricultural sites.

In Dodoma, Tanzania, CultivAid is embarking on a dynamic new partnership with Don Bosco Technical Institute, Water4Mercy and Innovation Africa.  We are establishing an agricultural school that will equip young agronomists with the knowledge and experience in Israeli agricultural technology.  The school will provide extension to regional farmers and development projects, strengthening their agricultural skills and ensuring their profitability increases. The program is a model that is seeking to expand throughout Africa.

Shalom Corps is honored to be assisting CultivAid in doing good in Ethiopia. We thank their amazing work and wish them luck in 2021.