OneDay Stories – Part I

Shavua tov everyone!
This week, we invited the amazing Elad Blumental, from OneDay Social Volunteering to give his testimonial about Jewish Service and to share his take on doing good.
“Did you know that a few years ago doctors started giving their patients prescriptions for volunteering after it was proven that it reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, depression among other conditions? Yes, people who volunteer have been proven to be happier and healthier people! Researcher Maslow has previously said that the top of the human needs pyramid is self-fulfillment and what can be better for the soul than helping the the most vulnerable in society? At OneDay, we believe that volunteers should not only feel happy from the very act of volunteering and from the thought of helping others, but also from having fun and feeling joy from volunteering itself. Thus, every activity we organize brings together young men and women as a group, making friends while working together”.
Incredible! Thank you Elad, for being part of the Shalom Corps family. We love working with OneDay!