Shalom Corps Calls for Voluntary Aid and
Emergency Organizations in Ukraine

The Project

This project focuses on the importance of service in times of crisis. Its main objective is to promote agile aid by being sufficiently prepared to mobilize
volunteers immediately, during, or following a crisis or disaster in the world, in addition to providing appropriate aid in partnership with local
representatives. Shalom Corps will provide funds to cover the cost of volunteer deployment, as well as eligible expenses that are related to such emergency


Using our advanced approach to data analytics and far-reaching targeted campaigns, Shalom Corps will help organizations recruit a broad range of Jewish volunteers.


The Shalom Corps Community Platform will bring together Reserve Corps volunteers from across the world and offer organizations volunteer engagement tools for both before and after their deployment.


Shalom Corps will create an ongoing global campaign to tell the story of Jewish commitment to humanitarian aid.

Mutual Learning

Annual gatherings in Israel and around the world will enable participants to learn from each other, share stories, and engage in high-profile drills. In addition, our tech platforms will enable partner organizations to further connect and share their expert knowledge and best-practices.


Shalom Corps will fund one third of volunteer costs as indicated below, with the cost of the delegation being calculated according to the number of volunteers and the number of days (7-10 days):
• Professional volunteer rate $202.5 per day
• Unprofessional volunteer rate $105 per day

Jewish Service Learning

Shalom Corps will offer, as an extension of our ongoing Jewish service learning mapping and curriculum building, comprehensive training and tools that will allow Jewish educators and volunteers to promote educated reflection on Jewish values and identity in the space of humanitarian aid.

Professional Training and Certifications

Volunteers will participate in ongoing professional training in the realm of humanitarian aid and emergency response. Shalom Corps will collaborate with internationally recognized entities to introduce and emphasize humanitarian guidelines and standards, and will offer certification to partner organizations to ensure their adherence to international standards.

How to apply

Organizations in North America, please contact Daniel Tamir:

For the rest of the world, please contact Sharona Shir: