Need a Volunteer Field Provider?

Shalom Corps has you covered!

But first, who are we?

Shalom Corps Ltd. is a community interest company supported by Mosaic United, Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and Jewish philanthropists worldwide. Shalom Corps sees volunteer work as an opportunity to engage in Jewish and existential reflection while undergoing a process of personal development and offering social and humanitarian help to vulnerable populations throughout the world. Shalom Corps is a global network for humanitarian volunteerism, established to enable young Jewish men and women to participate in responsible and valuable international humanitarian service.

Implementation of Volunteer Projects in the Field

Shalom Corps in cooperation with Jewish volunteer organizations around the world who can provide meaningful volunteer work along with all logistical arrangements required to facilitate this work. Shalom Corps wishes to connect organizations who need assistance with a volunteer provider who can offer significant volunteer activities, whether for emergency situations or for routine work, in a manner that leads to continuous organized volunteer work based on a permanent force of volunteers, as well as offering guidance, knowledge and meaningful experiences for the volunteers.

Volunteer service providers that were chosen by Shalom Corps as approved field service providers for programs consisting of motivated volunteers, setting new high standards for humanitarian service and striving to contribute to the world of ethical volunteering.

Which Volunteering fields are available for you?

Education | Construction | Computer learning | Support for street
children | NGO support | Kindergartens | Climate change | Clinical
assistance | Elderly assistance | Women Empowerment | Food
security | Business and community development | Veterinary | Sports
| Ecological agriculture | Emergency shelters | And more

Our chosen and approved volunteer activity providers for programs were hand-selected by Shalom Corps’ professional team. Each volunteer activity provider consists of motivated volunteers with the highest standards for humanitarian service striving to contribute to the world of ethical volunteering, along with all the logistical arrangements required to facilitate this work.




Tevel b'Tzedek


Yahel - Israel Service Learning


JDC (Entwine)


Project Ten

Africa, Mexico, South Africa

Leoro Nelech






Kulna Morocco


The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel 


Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village



Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Romania, Portugal, Tanzania, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka